Short, sharp shock treatment

MicroLearning – tiny tidbits that stay in your mind!

MicroLearning is a way of delivering training to give learners the opportunity to engage with precious nuggets of information and/or skills in a short period of time, followed by space in between sessions allowing for time to reflect and apply before returning for the next nugget.

We regularly deliver 90-minute MicroLearning sessions to form a condensed course, live online on Zoom. The sessions are fully interactive and encourage participants to discuss with their peers and share experiences, as well as take on board new knowledge and skills:

• The introductory session enables participants to meet each other and the trainer
and develop a learning community.

• The elements to each course are delivered, each in 90-minute sessions.

• The final session pulls everyone in the learning community together and, over a
virtual coffee, we identify and celebrate what learning has taken place and the
outcomes achieved.

Sterling Training has always been committed to learner-centred training wherever we deliver. Our live online courses are designed for the virtual learning environment and online-learner needs.


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