We have extensive experience of coaching and mentoring staff and leaders, both face-to-face and live online.

Build on the current knowledge, skills and experience of your staff through an individualised programme, and maximise their potential within their current, or a future role.

Sterling Training provide professional coaching and mentoring training.
Sterling Training can help you to have difficult conversations more easily.

Every situation is different, but here’s our normal process


We hold an initial meeting to discuss the purpose and desired outcomes


We assess the coachee with an appropriate assessment tool, such as DiSC™ or GlobalDISC™.


The most appropriate coach is matched to the coachee


The coach and coachee meet and identify goals, outcomes and ambitions and devise a programme


Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face or live online.


Coachees are encouraged to use a Learning Journal to transfer coaching outcomes into the workplace.

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