Sterling Training offer expert Live Online training courses.

Live online

Live online is ‘on-air’ training with real trainers working with remote delegates who work in groups, view slides and video, use whiteboards, just like in a real training room.

Recent research shows that participants on smart virtual learning programmes like ours are around 6 time more likely to take action as a result of their training. In fact, our work is showing that they are retaining more of their learning than from a typical one-day course. Check out our video to see why…

Sterling Training provide professional face-to-face training courses.
Sterling Training are experts in face-to-face training.


We love getting into the physical training room, it’s a great place to be creative and use our experiential training techniques! Excellent for relationship and team-building and those very practical sessions, working face-to-face with your staff builds skills and knowledge as well as technique and finesse.

Not just for those who are tech-nervous, face-to-face training is particularly useful as part of driving cultural change. We are the voice of your organisation, underpinning your aims and values and helping your teams to find practical ways to implement and achieve your objectives. 


"This course equipped the group with catchy management tips that are short and memorable, allowing for more effective conversations with our individual teams."

Sana Khan - Pentax UK

People and Performance Management Learner

"This class was one of the best I have ever attended with respect to teaching. Class environment was very interactive. This gave us a better understanding of different cultures, while equipping us with effective teaching techniques to make our classroom effective and efficient"

Ali Raza

TILT - Training International Learners and Trainees Learner

"It's definitely worth doing, an eye opener for sure. Opens the mind and teaches methods & ways of thinking I never knew before."

Matt Turley - Pentax Medical

Customer Experience Course Learner

"I feel the course has the potential to develop you as a human being and not just in a working role."

Adam Bridges - SOCOTEC UK

Team Leader Course Learner

"Whatever the subject Sterling always guide all attendee's through the subject with authority, calmness and fun - making everyone feel relaxed and open to learning."

Nigel Bishop - tmgroup

Managed Services Manager Commercial

"The excellent combination of skills training and personal development really unlocked a new level for me. It has given me the skills and confidence to land complex messages as a remote presenter. They really showed me the difference between the mediocre and the truly, well...... Sterling!"

Aurun Arly Lund - SOCOTEC

Presentation Skills 101 Learner

"I can already see it was better deployed than previous trainings thanks to the consistency between the training and business needs. The team still reflects strategically better than previously, think of deployment more, communicate better and more often."

Richard Roche - Pentax Medical

Managing Director Commercial

"This course will be essential if teaching international learners. It will help you refine your technique and also give valuable insight into different customs"

Sgt Barry Smith - British Army Instructor

Training International Learners and Trainees (TILT) Learner

"You might at first glance look at the course as one of those really dry and boring ones that you are only going on because you have to. In reality the course content and delivery made for a really great and interactive training session."

Jamie Frost - TGW Logistics

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training Course Learner

" Game Changer. Do not hesitate to enrol. "

Caroline Griffin - Nagra Kudelski

The Practical Manager Course Learner

"Be ready to be inspired and injected with huge amounts of enthusiasm and first class knowledge which you will apply to your working life daily"

Naomi Hopkins - tmgroup

Future Leaders Course Learner

The team are very experienced and forward leaning. They are always prepared to go the extra mile to serve our students and get the best out of them. I could not recommended them more. Our students frequently say TILT was one of the most useful aspects of their training programme.

Maj Chris Hambly - British Army

Training International Learners and Trainees Commercial

"I would tell others considering this course that it is well worth spending your time doing this and I’d definitely recommend. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and have great fun in the process."

Sophie Toon - SOCOTEC

Team Leaders Course Learner

“The topics we covered on the course were great, arming me with some seriously useful weapons to win back more of my time. There was no death by PowerPoint, just intelligent, well-led discussions around topics that were tailored to what the group were all mutually looking to improve on.’’

Jack Manley - Freestyle Digital

Planning and Prioritising Course Learner

"Emma and her team are my go-to for all our training needs. If they don’t have courses available, they will tailor a course to suit us. I know Sterling trainers will challenge their delegates to learn and practice the behaviours and skills they teach. Already looking forward to 2024 and how the Sterling team can continue to upskill our NAGRA employees."

Lydia Watson - Nagra Kudelski

Human Resources Business Partner Commercial

“I would highly recommend this course to others. It is very informative, and it challenges your ideas and preconceptions about training international learners. Even the most experienced trainer will learn a lot on this course.”

Richard Clewer - Rockwell Collins

Training International Learners and Trainees (TILT) Learner

"This Sales Training will give you tools you hadn't realised you even needed, to give you the edge when competing in a sales landscape. It changes your mindset for the better."

Michelle Gwynne - SOCOTEC UK

Sales Training Course Learner

"Sterling Training's TILT course addresses an identified gap in the instructors training. There is no doubt that the training will enhance The Army's international student's experience which leads to better Defence Engagement"

Lt Col James Askew - British Army

SO1 International Defence Training (Army) Commercial

"Can’t recommend the course enough, the sessions were all exactly what I needed, Emma’s knowledge and delivery was second to none, it’s also a huge benefit having people from other companies outside of my industry in the group, as you can view the ideas from a wide range of perspectives."

Phil Smith - Coadjute

The Practical Manager Course Learner

"I would say this course is worth your time even if you are currently very effective and think you know it all. It is valuable even as an exercise to challenge your existing biases and you are certain to take away something from each session."

Mike Crocker - tmgroup

The Practical Manager Course Learner

“Sterling Training really want to get to know your training needs and offer flexible delivery with course content that understands the students. It was fun and insightful, even with having over 20 years sales experience, a real reflective learning on what I already know and new ways to bring our skills and experience into the 21st century’’

Caroline Maycock - New College

Communication and Sales Skills Course Learner

"It’s well worth the time and money. Definitely do it if you’re not already super organised. (And who is?)"

Martin Polley - Nagra Kudelski

Planning and Prioritising Course Learner

“Do it! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in management for 2 years or 20 years, or indeed you’ve never managed, I guarantee you will learn something from this course that will empower you to become a far more effective and efficient employee.”

Rob Dawkins - RACPD

The Practical Manager Course Learner

"If you are passionate about your people, you need Sterling Training in your life. Gone are the days of "Death by Powerpoint" This company is professional but personal. It puts people at the front and centre of learning."

Kerry Woods - tmgroup

Future Leaders Course Learner

"If you get the opportunity to go on this course, then do not hesitate. It does not just help you in the workplace but also in general life as well. It is one of the few courses I have enjoyed rather than endured."

Steve Clayson - SOCOTEC

Team Leaders Course Learner

“A really lovely day. Emma was professional throughout, really engaging and the content was targeted and relevant. Great use of multi-media. I found the whole session really interesting and thought provoking.’’

ATR - Winchester

Managing Behaviour and Communication Course Learner

"The Sterling team are always professional, alert to your challenges, and very supportive. Emma, Pip and the team are fabulous to work with, and we have been doing so for over 3 years now. As the Programme Manager, I would highly recommend all of the trainers we have worked with as well as project support staff. Thank you for making my professional life easier!"

Jackie Cooper - De Montford University

Programme Manager Commercial

"I was very happy with the course and will definitely recommend Sterling. Emma was very inspiring."

Jorgen Baisgärd - Nagra Kudelski

The Practical Manager course Learner

"Not at any point was I bored, and I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It has completely changed my thought process in regards to sales and my approach."

Alan Lawther - SSI Schaefer

Sales Training Course Learner

"The course has helped me develop a greater understanding on others viewpoints and styles, becoming more effective and productive towards my team."

Joe Miles - Barret-Smith Brown

ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management Learner

"100% enrol for it! Emma is an amazing trainer who keeps you focused and interested at the same time"

Rhea Batten - SOCOTEC

Communication Skills Course Learner

"Sterling Training have given excellent service, both from a training delivery point of view and customer satisfaction. Emma and her team are very easy to work with, they are always engaging, postive,enthusiastic and energised. They have really impressed us with their after care service, showing real dedication to their work and meeting their clients expectations."

Linda Matthews - SOCOTEC

Learning & Development Manager Commercial

"International Defence Training (Army) has worked closely with Sterling Training for many years to deliver bespoke Training the International Learner and Trainee (TILT) courses to existing instructors, to enhance their ability to engage with and instruct overseas military students. Such is its popularity, the TILT course has been delivered across many other branches of the Army. The Sterling team take time to understand the customer requirement, build relationships and adapt the course as necessary. Sterling Training Ltd is an excellent training partner."

Maj Peter White - British Army

Training International Learners and Trainees Commercial

"You will learn the theory behind the techniques naturally used and utilise them beneficially, whilst gaining new skills and information. I have learnt new techniques that I can readily apply to my role to help me become more efficient"

Alana MacDonald - SOCOTEC UK

Planning and Prioritising course Learner

"The activities were engaging and relevant, the instructor was fantastic and used the tools she was teaching throughout the course so we could see them in action"

Esther Caddy - British Army

Training International Learners and Trainees Learner

''Sterling Training's Planning and Prioritising course has made a huge difference in how I manage my workload! The strategies we learned have helped me take back control of my workday and boost my productivity. I couldn't recommend Sterling Training highly enough!""

Charlie Clarke - Viridis Marketing

Planning and Prioritising course Learner

"Definitely attend! This course has increased my knowledge and awareness of not only the subject but also things like communication and understanding my behaviour

David Parsons - TGW Logistics

Assertiveness and Conflict Management Course

"Brilliant and relevant course content. Everyone is involved from start to finish. The trainers are amazing and make the whole day of learning educational and fun."

Julie Dawkins - Kardex

Communication, Team Building & Branding course Learner

"Would highly recommend even for experienced sales people as there are always new techniques that can be learnt or refreshed"

Maria Bolton - New College, Swindon

Sales and Communication Training Learner