Give training legs.

How long, on average, do your staff retain learning?

In the good old days, when we used to deliver a day’s leadership training for example, our trainers would advise participants ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!’. Truth is, if your employees don’t put learning into action within 48 hours or so, they’re highly unlikely to. Ever. At all.

During COVID, we re-designed our courses to suit the online environment and online-learner needs. As a result, we now continue to offer many courses live online. This impromptu journey into the virtual training world has been a wonderful learning experience for our team.  What have we discovered on our virtual journey?

  • Courses must be spread over longer periods of time, with shorter sessions. Gone is the one-day course – now is the 3 x 3-hour programme.
  • Thanks to the gaps between sessions, participants have more opportunity to reflect and apply their learning.
  • They thrive on the in-session social interaction and learn from each other in virtual groups – Zoom’s ‘Breakout Rooms’ facility provide a perfect opportunity for honest conversations.
  • The participants are more relaxed and able to engage as there is no travel and they can attend from a ‘safe’ environment.

Recent research shows the smart virtual learning programmes like ours are around 6 times more likely to get participants to take actions, than the way learning is usually delivered face-to-face. So training delivered in this format has legs. It lasts. Your ROI is higher. Yay!