Course FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
about our public live online courses.

How many people will be on this course?

We have a maximum number of participants on each course, which is usually 12. However some courses have a maximum of 6 or 8 participants due to the very nature of the content – Presentation Skills for example. The sessions are interactive and learner-centred, so it’s important to have enough people to create intelligent discussions, but not so many that we lose the interactivity and it becomes a ‘lecture’.

Is live online like a webinar?

No, our courses are not a video feed or a one-way presentation where the delegates are an afterthought. Live online with Sterling is ‘on-air’ training with a real trainer interacting with remote learners. It’s a highly interactive professional development experience where participants work in groups and pairs, can view trainer slides and video, use whiteboards, etc.

Will there be homework?

Our focus is on implementation. So, for most courses we expect participants to take away tools and techniques and try them between sessions, reporting back to the group the following week. We may ask them to complete a reflective journal or a specific task that will be covered in the next session.

Are the start dates flexible?

Our Upcoming Courses have a start and end date and these are fixed, as delegates from other organisations will be joining the course. However if you want a course specifically for your business, please let us know and we’ll be very happy to help.

What does the price include?

The price includes the live online sessions detailed in the course information, copies of relevant materials and a certificate. Participants will also receive a course pack which includes a notebook, pen and a mug, along with tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets.

What happens if my staff can't attend or miss a live online session?

We record all of our live online courses and upload them in a private format to YouTube. We send the link out to the participants after the session finishes, so those attending can catch up.